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vehicle tire chain Tru Grip: – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Call 1-877-844-2010

Does your FARM TRACTOR get stuck and become useless when there is ice or hard pack snow on the ground?

Is your tractor slipping and becoming unstable when operating in icy conditions?

Even with four wheel drive, you’re not in control!

But there is an easy fix … and equipment operators across Pennsylvania know that Tractor Tire Chains are simply the best solution when it comes to providing traction in snow and icy work environments.

And one popular style of chain is the TRU GRIP tractor tire chain.


The TRU GRIP CHAIN is just one of the many styles of TRACTOR chains you can choose from.

We recommend you contact a tractor tire chain expert because there are questions that need to be asked, such as tire clearance and work environment conditions to name a few.

Ken Jones Tires has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the decision making process.

We ship chains daily to all Pennsylvania counties and you can expect 1to 2 day delivery.

Our Tractor tire chain experts are here to help and only a phone call away.

Call Ken Jones Tires at 1-877-844-2010 today!

Servicing the following Pennsylvania counties:
Adams, Allegheny, Armstrong, Bedford, Berks, Blair, Bucks, Butler, Cambria, Cameron, Centre, Chester, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Columbia, Crawford, Cumberland, Dauphin, Elk, Erie, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming, McKean, Mercer, Mifflin, Montgomery, Montour, Northampton, Monroe, Northumberland, Perry, Philadelphia, Schuylkill, Snyder, Somerset, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Washington, Wayne, Westmoreland, Warren, Wyoming, Lackawanna, York.

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How To Install Snow Chains

tire chain installation how to put on snow chains J.D.S for skis

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Automatic Tire Chains or Automatic Snow Chains for Trucks

vehicle tire chain Some professional truck drivers must travel in conditions that require carrying or using snow chains or snow cables.

Alternative devices include automatic tire chains or automatic snow chains.

This video covers a couple of these devices on display at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

We also cover questions to ask before buying automatic tire chains — and how using these devices could be a life saver.

More information about this subject may be found here:

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How To Install Tire Chains On A John Deere Riding Lawn Mower

tire chain installation This video will show you a step-by-step guide for installing tire chains on your lawn tractor. SEMA Equipment is an eight location John Deere dealership providing parts, service, agricultural, lawn and garden, and utlilty equipment. We serve south eastern Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and northern Iowa. To learn more about us visit If you found this video to be helpful, and you would like to see more, take our survey at

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Tyre Protection Chains – Safety Regulations

snow chain regulation RUD Australia Protection Chains – Safety Regulations

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Gerkin – Installation of the safety chain

safety chain Note: safety chains are usually only used on doors with single closers.

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POLAIRE Trak Auto : passanger car snow Chain fiting – Chaine à neige tourisme montage

vehicle tire chain Montage d’une chaîne à neige Trak Auto pour véhicule tourisme
How to fit a Trak Auto snow chain for passanger car

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Is the 2.7 liter engine in the mid to late 1990s Toyota Tacoma underpowered?

I am looking for my first truck. I was wondering if the 2.7 liter engine in the Toyota Tacoma underpowered and should I look for the v6 engine. I want something that is good on gas and reliable, but still able to do some work and tow something.

i think there’s some misconception. taco’s are mini trucks. assuming the role of the hilux. as such, mini trucks can’t do what a heavier weight class platform can do. that is pull weight cross country @ hwy speeds over mountain roads.
the 2.7 was an improvement over the 2.4. but it’s still an I4. it will do what many bigger trucks will do at very low speeds and around town, save bed payload. and since toy uses ASIN running gear, one knows the rear springs can be beefed up with no worries for axle or drive train/brake issues. increasing bed payload. they can be over taxed around town. won’t hurt it.
the V6 is arguably better. still, there are those *4x4ers* that prefer the I4 as the V6 has more weight and a higher center of gravity. for them, the extra power is not off set by those issues. 4x4ing aside, the V6 will obviously hold a hill better when loaded @ hwy speeds. but still can’t compete with a V8 under those conditions.

since i’ve owned/worked on a lot of these, and i live in a mountain valley home, not unlike the great white north, here would be my critieria for chosing one or the other.

utility use, snow, not much hwy driving, the I4 is what you want. 2WD or 4×4 config.
utility use, snow, lots of hwy commuting, the V6 is prolly what you want.

the V6 can actually get better hwy mpg by going to 32-33" wheel/tire combo (six lug 4×4 config only). remove the tail gate as well. no drag there. easy to do. 14 mm socket and cross point screw driver, and it’s in your hands.

with the V6, you definately want reciepts for last timing belt and water pump changes. water pump is under the timing gear. timing belt should be replaced every 90,000 mi or 72 months. both engines are non-interference type. so no engine damage will occur if they break. (actually the I4 is chain driven. and damage always occurs when those break. regardless of no vlave to piston contact) however, on the V6, labor to change those costs 300-400 buvks. so if there re no reciepts for that, that would be a bargining chip to lower a sale price. that said, the coolent in the V6 should be prestine. indication of over-all coolent/water pump condition.
and receipts are a must as anyone can say anything to sell a vehicle.
hope that helped.
2 hilux’s. ’92 4×4 V6 and ’86 4×4 I4. those are both slightly less powerfull than your next gen tacos.

with the V6 4×4, no changes other than 33" wheel/tires and no tail gate, i get 27~ mpg hwy.
since the recall on head gaskets for the 3.0 was done, there is no head gasket issues with the 3.0′s anymore.
the 3.0 and the post "95.5 3.4 engines both have right side exhaust cross over going over the bell housing to the other side. with a 4×4 in 4×4 low, high rpms for a good amount of time, both have head heating issues on the #5 & #6 jugs. louvering the hood near the fire wall helps to minimize that issue.

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How do I fix the broken chain on my purse?

There’s this chain that runs down my purse, and it break off today. It was attached to my purse by some thread, just saying. How do I fix it? Do I use thread? Glue? Help!

-use strong jump rings and attach it with a safety pin, looping one end with the ring and one end through the purse. or just use the safety pin. (this might not be strong enough, but it’ll work)
-using a safety pin, attach a cellphone charm and loop it through twice and knot it well.
-don’t use glue because it might not sit well and if it’s leather, it will ruin the purse.


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What is less expensive, tires bought/installed at an auto repair shop or a tire chain store like Merchants?

I really trust my mechanic and have recommended him to several people. But I need four new tires and I’m wondering whether I might save some money either on the tires and/or installation if I go to a tire chain store. That’s what I’ve always done in the past, however, my mechanic’s shop is closer than any of the chain stores. I’m just curious whether I’ll pay any more if I use my mechanic. Have not asked him yet what he would charge vs. a chain store.

Usually, at merchant store is more expensive, because they offer service, quality, and warranty. At auto shop, usually u only got warranty and service not as good as merchant. And at merchant, they value they service more expensive then auto, caused by appearance, company quality service, and tax they have to pay. But in merchant u will find various type as u like and also availability of type , and special price and bonus for special type or special offer and event.

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