Jeko snow chain – Jeko snow belts

tire chain installation The latest  Jeko snow chains are made with a special bi component, ultra resistant plastic compound.
With the revolutionary Jeko snow belts, getting out of difficult, no grip situations is easy.
They are easy to mount and you can have your car up and running in no time.
 Imagine suddenly gettiing stuck during your tip to the mountains.
With Jeko it’s possible to solve the problem straight away! All you need is to strap the special belts around your tyre and…
… snow and ice are no longer a problem!!

The serrated surface of the Jeko belts grips the snow and allows you to recover normal adhesion, getting you back on the road safe and sound, with no damage to your tyres even on parts of the road free of snow. 
Forget the past!
Jeko, the skid system thats easy, quick and practical to mount.
Jeko is a patented system for all drivers looking for practical solutions. The practical pack contains 12 belts, a pair of gloves and easy instructions for mounting.

Duration : 0:3:15

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