Tire Chain Buddy

vehicle tire chain Real Time Installation Demonstration for Tire Chain Buddy

Duration : 0:2:30

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20 Responses to Tire Chain Buddy

  1. mrdarryk1 says:

    No shit! why didn’t …
    No shit! why didn’t he just use two small bungee cords? They would save space and having two more to go with the load for the chains wouldn’t make a difference.

  2. calivita77 says:

    Now when that isnt …
    Now when that isnt enough, and you just spin your tires and dont move, Watch video here under , Supertraction for your tires. They move your truck when ice covered or too ddp snow, mud etc. Must see this new product. Have fun, & dont get stuck.

  3. Royalhighlander says:

    Go find my video .. …
    Go find my video .. i installed a set of heavy Trygg triples with out that gizmo in less time

  4. WesternStar4900SA says:

    Lets see this done …
    Lets see this done in snow and ice, right!

  5. meteor545 says:

    thats awesome! does …
    thats awesome! does it hike up your panties for you too?

  6. Colinisdriver says:

    It looks like it …
    It looks like it works great in the summer in a dry parking lot with no snow or 4 wheelers ripping by at wide open.

  7. gearbinder5252 says:

    Put the truck up …
    Put the truck up on boards this looks like a pain lol

  8. walleyrt69 says:

    Wow.No drippin wet …
    Wow.No drippin wet trailer above ya,no wet cold mud and road salty snow drippin on ya,no over spray from the rude semi that just passed ya,no mudded up or rusted chains.All because of a “Chain Buddy”!

  9. sirmister916 says:

    lmao.. really? this …
    lmao.. really? this was stupid.. use a bungie cord..

  10. packrat541 says:

    If for some reason …
    If for some reason you had to put chains on that way a rubber snubber or bungie cord will do the same thing. An invention always has to be the only way or the easiest and fastest way to do something to be successfull.

  11. cmlong10 says:

    lol, one more …
    lol, one more comment of “what a waste of time”!!!!

  12. TheOilfieldtrucker says:

    LMAO!! REALLY? …
    LMAO!! REALLY? What a waste of time, money, and valuable truck space. Plus that any driver that would actually pull one of those out at a chain up deserves to be laughed off the road. Ought to paint em pink with sparklies and hello kitty logos on em.

  13. aiwiron says:

    Not to bash but …
    Not to bash but that takes way too long.

  14. blueskiesbob says:

    I think tha I could …
    I think tha I could have put a set of tripple railers on in the time you spent putting on a single with that gizmo.

  15. JurisArcane says:

    Yeah that’s what I …
    Yeah that’s what I said to myself as I watched. I mean, I see that it works “per se”, but I’m not gonna buy something that takes more time, especially if I’m standing in a blizzard and vehicles are sliding past me on a frozen highway.

  16. OttovonEarth says:

    Yep, the “Chain …
    Yep, the “Chain Buddy” seems to be such as an unnecessary gizmo. This installing buddy uses the driver’s side chain ’cause the lock is now its open end towards the rotation direction – a tiny mistake but might be caused harms at least when to be used duals on the soft ground or in snowy conditions.

  17. liam13coins says:

    I would of already …
    I would of already had my chains on without “Chain buddy”. I gotta believe this may be one of dumbest ideas for a product. Sorry dude.

  18. poorboytrucking says:

    lol looks like …
    lol looks like more bullshit to deal with to me.

  19. diamonddreamer777 says:

    looks like more …
    looks like more work

  20. MrTommy001 says:

    Hey, I think I like …
    Hey, I think I like that chaining gizmo. If you spread it out can you use it with three-railers?

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